Career Progression and Data Protection Skills

Data Protection Officer Qualification

Certified Data Protection Officer Qualification

Data Protection Skills are now a part of modern business.  In an environment where there is processing of personal data it is vital to have a good understanding of the regulations and what the regulations mean in the work place.  The Certificate in Data Protection Skills 6N20750 is Ireland’s only QQI Certificate in Data Protection Skills designed specifically for data protection officers.

Data Protection Skills and the National Framework of Qualifications

During the period of  June 2019 to July 2020 The Certificate in Data Protection Skills was developed during lengthy consultations with three leading data protection experts in Ireland, consultation with the Data Protection Commission and with significant input from subject and learning  expert representatives from QQI.  (Quality and Qualifications Ireland)

Data Protection Skills Certificate Structure

The programme is split into the following five sections

  • Overview of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Role of a Data Protection Officer
  • Processing of Personal Data
  • Rights of the Data Subject and Responding to Requests
  • Risk Assessment & Data Processing

Cyber security and transfers to third countries

The new certified standard in Data Protection learning covers many vital elements of data protection from the legislation, transfer to third countries, cyber security considerations, online and offline and even special categories such as children’s consent.

Content of the Certified Data Protection Skills course

  • The regulation / legislation (The GDPR, Data Protection Act 2018) and associated legislation (ePrivacy regulations) and how they interact.
  • The definitions – data subject, personal data, sensitive personal data, data controller, processor, processing.
  • The Principles and Rights for Data Subjects under the GDPR.
  • The different roles an Organisation might have (e.g. Data Controller/Data Processor/Joint Controller).
  • Supervisory authority powers in relation to sanctions and fines under the GDPR.
  • The skills in building an Article 30 record of processing activities.
  • The skills to build out a policy and procedure for responding to individuals’ rights (Subject Access Requests).
  • Recognizing the indicative policies and procedures that need to be in place.
  • Recognize practical methods of ensuring Cyber Security, in line with their relevance to the Technical and Organisational Measures referenced in the GDPR.
  • Understanding the concept of Privacy by Design and default.
  • Understanding the difference between Anonymisation and Pseudonymisation and where each mechanism may be relevant in their processing activities.
  • The importance of Data processing agreements and what needs to be included in order that the agreements are GDPR compliant
  • Cross border data transfers, including relevant mechanisms that legitimize the transfer to ‘Third Countries’.
  • What is a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is, when a DPIA should be completed and the major steps that form the basis of a DPIA.

Getting Certified in Data Protection Skills and GDPR

The assessment comes in two parts.


The first is  a project that demonstrates competency in applying practical skills to a Data Protection Role. The project will incorporate experiences  in the workplace where the delegate will implement their newly developed skills.

The delegate will complete a case study which will analyse good data protection practise under a range of specific areas.:    60%


The second assessment is an assignment that demonstrates understanding of the fundamental theories, processes, legal requirements and practices involved in working in a Data Protection role. 40%

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